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Relationship Counselling

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Relationship Counselling
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Relationship Counselling
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Are you worried about your relationship post pandemic? Let me answer some of your questions.


The pandemic has had a major impact on all of us, worldwide, there is no doubt about it, and when it comes to relationships it has hit hard for some more than others. Due to the unforeseen circumstances many people will find that their relationship changed throughout the pandemic, for some it may have improved, but if you have found your relationship changed for the worse, you may be left feeling anxious and deflated about how to deal with these issues post-pandemic. Here I talk to you about some of the difficulties you may have faced and some ways to tackle them to improve your relationship and life…. 




Why is my relationship still strained?

This is a question that will have a different answer for everyone, as it depends on your individual circumstances. However, you may have been hoping that once restrictions had started to lift that your relationship may begin to improve and you’re left disheartened that it hasn’t.  Being forced to spend so much time together sometimes means that we start to take our partner for granted.  The world has narrowed for many people working from home.  Perhaps one partner is still going to their office or workplace and spending time with others.  Each person might envy the other feeling that they are having a harder time.  Step away from competing with your partner and try to empathise with each other's challenges.



Will things go back to normal?

The pandemic has changed lots of people's perspectives on things and you are not alone with your relationship issues. This may be the new normal, and the relationship may not go back to how things were previously.  This is not always a bad thing! It’s an opportunity to pause and reset.  Think about reinventing your relationship.  Use this as an opportunity to take stock, appreciate what you do well and what you may need to pay attention to.



How long should I continue to try?

Communicate your thoughts to your partner and see what small changes you can implement together.  Aim for small steps to change rather than sweeping change which is often unsustainable.  All couples have conflict and it shouldn’t be feared so long as both partners are respectful and are prepared to listen to each other.  Often partners who avoid conflict create conflict.   If your partner won’t accept that there are problems and you have been trying for sometime then maybe it is time to let your partner know that you believe you need some professional help.

When should we get help?

There is no right time to seek help, but often couples get stuck, fearful of seeking help in case they can’t work through their differences.  They wait until small problems become entrenched.  Perhaps they wait until one person says ‘it’s enough’.  Try taking a different approach.  Counselling can help enormously when a couple are committed to staying together and improving their relationship but when they try to make changes they find that they slip back to their default behaviours.  A counsellor, who will not take sides and can help navigate the sticking points in the relationship, implementing small sustainable changes, helping a couple to reconnect and build strong healthy relationships that will survive the challenges life often throws at us….. such as a world pandemic!


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